For an optimal depiction, the capsule must be totally filled and the well pressed down coffee.

What is Capsul’in ?

Capsul’ in is an empty capsule to be filled compatible with quite the machines of Nespresso ®* of which the last machine Pixie.

How it works?

  • Fill to the brim the capsule of coffee espresso of your choice
  • Compress
  • Put back some coffee there’s still some room available
  • Put the self-adhesive seal
  • Insert the capsule into the machine Nespresso ® . View the Manual

What are the advantages of Capsul’ in?

Capsul’ in is an empty … capsule full of qualities!

  • Economic: without compromising the quality of coffee;
    You can save up until 50 % with regard to the original.
  • An alternative which respects the environment: Capsul’ in is a recyclable plastic capsule. If you look for a more ecological capsule, Capsul’ in is the perfect alternative.
  • Unlimited choice in coffee: by buying your coffee espresso to your roaster, you have access to a wide choice of coffees.  Some coffee of exception, stemming from the fair, organic trade. By having the choice, you also decide on the final sale price of your espresso!
  • Convenience store: you can buy Capsul’ in your just favorite roaster in quoted from your home.
  • Freshness: if you want of the freshly ground coffee, Capsul’ in is THE solution. You can also grind you even the coffee to consume it at the last minute. Here is the video of demonstration:

An economic capsule, with some quality coffee freshly roasted compatible with all the machines Nespresso, it is Capsul’ in.

Can I obtain the same result as with the original capsules?

Yes, make the try yourself: open a capsule Nespresso ® and fill the capsule Capsul’ in some coffee of Nespresso ® Choose your favorite coffee and you will obtain a perfect espresso with a very thick cream.

When I buy my coffee, which sharpness has to have the draft?

For the best depiction, ask your roaster for a draft for espresso, that is for a finely grinding. For the most part of the professional crushers, it corresponds to 3 or 4.
If you have your own crusher, do not hesitate to make some tries.
With the good draft, you can compress the coffee (for a stronger taste) and you will have a depiction in quality cup.
The flow must be fluid and not drop by drop.

How long it sets to prepare Capsul’ in?

10 in 15 seconds, just the time which your machine Nespresso ® warms!

It is simple and fast:
– Fill Capsul’ in coffee and compress slightly
– Put the self-adhesive seal

– It is ready!

Store your coffee of espresso in a hermetic box, besides protecting your coffee it facilitates the filling of Capsul’ in.
You can also use our accessories (Capsule holder, Tamper)


Can I prepare my capsules in advance?

For a weekly consumption for example … Yes you can!
Assure that the self-adhesive seal adheres well at the edge of the capsule. For that purpose, remove the present coffee on the edge of the capsule then stick the seal, turn the capsule and rub the seal against the table.

Store the capsule meadow filled in your refrigerator in a hermetic box.

How many capsules I can make with 250gr of coffee?

You will make approximately 50 capsules of 5g of coffee by capsule.

Can I use Capsul’ in for another drink?

Yes. You can put in it some tea or an infusion.

Is the capsule Capsul’ in ® compatible with machines Nespresso ® Pixie, the new Mastery and new Nespresso ® U?

Yes Capsul’ in ® is compatible with all the machines Nespresso ®.
On the other hand, Capsul’ in ® is not compatible with machines Nespresso ® professional and with the machine Nespresso ® Miele CVA ® serial.

Is the capsule Capsul’ in ® compatible with the quite last machine Nespresso ®, Inissia ®?

Capsul’ in is perfectly compatible with the machine Inissia ®

What’s to be done if the capsule does not fall?

It is enough to rest with the finger

What I have to make after use of capsules?

To throw with your household waste.

Where is made the capsule Capsul’ in?

Capsul’ in is made in France in total respect for the HAD quality standard.

Is the capsule food?

The capsule is food as well as the glue even high-temperature.


Does the capsule contain of the Bisphenol A?

No, our capsule does not contain a Bisphenol A.


Capsul’ in her is associated with Nespresso ®?

No, Capsul’ in belongs to Equity Holding limited company and is associated on no account with Nestlé ® or Nespresso ®.
Capsul’ in is a unique model registered to the Service of the models of the European Union.